Monday, October 20, 2014


As a result of Vice President Biden's missteps, he's been allocated to the Icebox!  Leon Panetta thawed out a month ago!  Hillary Clinton, after she fell and hit her head, spent time in the Icebox! Colin Powell is frozen solid!  What's going on?

Gun Control

Ideologically speaking, it is not a big leap to realize that thousands of innocent people will be slaughtered by Isis terrorists.  The world pauses as the present American administration, with its philosophy of no boots, no guns, waits: the ultimate gun control measure! Sorry kurds, don't lose your heads.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Politically speaking, never underestimate a man who overestimates himself?

Secretary Kerry

Are we sure that Secretary Kerry is not a divorce attorney?---Missiles have not stopped since he brokered the deal between the Israelites and the Palestinians---Syria is still allowed to hold a few facilities to manufacture chemicals of mass destruction---With all of our intellectual spy satellite capability, he was surprised with "Isis" troop development.  OMG, where in the world is Kerry now???

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Swift Boating

Swift Boating is defined as:  the act of discrediting an opponent with outrightly false claims about his/her character and past actions. Senator Reid says the "right" is swift boating Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl but, remember, Senator Reid said that Governor Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes.  Time for Senator Reid to take a Spring/Medical Break!

Hillary Clinton

This is your Captain speaking:  Do you wonder why airplanes do not often fly into mountains?  One reason is that mandatory retirement age for commercial pilots is 65 years old.  During the campaign season, Hillary will be older than that!  Fasten your seat belts; the country is headed for a mountain.


We isolated him through sheer diligence and determination, the only man that doesn't daily try to beat the system.  Wow.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pay Inequality

Companies of all sizes have a finite amount available for salaries, usually a percentage of revenue.  So if you give more to one, you'll have to take some away from another. Make any sense to you?


Little Johnny is planning a Class Action Suit against his Principal, the Superintendent, and the Teacher's Union for fraud and malfeasance. He claims that we are 24th in the world in Math and Science and that the children of Chinese custodial workers are better educationally prepared than the children of American Ceos.  "Go Johnny Go!"

Natural Debt

Guess what?   If you bought every house in the United States, your house, your neighbor's house, every house on the block in your county and in every state in the Union, you would need 24 trillion dollars--just 6.5 trillion dollars more than the natural debt.  Hard to imagine!  "Just Say No'' begins to have a different meaning.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Income Inequality

Knock Knock:  Whose there? "Financial Conservative" Go to the front door.                                            
Knock Knock:  Whose there? " Liberal" Sorry, you're on your own!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tax Payer

Advice to a young politician:  Stand up for the tax payer and prove it!!! And, by the way, the sum of your experiences equals your character.


I can't remember who was the propagandist during the Hitler years. Was it John Podesta or Joseph Goebbels? You know, the man who changed opinions,  like the war on women, or a minimum wage argument, while, in fact, the country bled internally.  Oh, I know!