Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Swift Boating

Swift Boating is defined as:  the act of discrediting an opponent with outrightly false claims about his/her character and past actions. Senator Reid says the "right" is swift boating Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl but, remember, Senator Reid said that Governor Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes.  Time for Senator Reid to take a Spring/Medical Break!

Hillary Clinton

This is your Captain speaking:  Do you wonder why airplanes do not often fly into mountains?  One reason is that mandatory retirement age for commercial pilots is 65 years old.  During the campaign season, Hillary will be older than that!  Fasten your seat belts; the country is headed for a mountain.


We isolated him through sheer diligence and determination, the only man that doesn't daily try to beat the system.  Wow.