Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Discretion is the hallmark of valor, especially when you’re young. Hopefully we carry the trait throughout adulthood. Oops, now we have the unregulated accessibility of the “morning-after pill” for all kids—too bad.
With the development of massive wind turbine farms, it seems that thousands of birds will be murdered. In addition, small animals like ground hogs, rabbits, and moles will leave the area due to the radical earth vibrations. However the caribou seem to like the farms just fine.
A few judges in certain states have legitimized Gay Marriage – that’s OK – but as years go by I can’t find a strong legal argument to prevent maybe three, four, five, or even six people to marry, after all they’re in love. I suggest that the judges validate an even number so that no one is left behind.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Let’s define torture--someone places you in an environment where you make a decision you’re uncomfortable with –for example: You're in a room that gets hotter and hotter; you can't move to the left or to the right; you can't move up or down; the room continues to get hotter and hotter; seconds-minutes-an hour passes - you make your last decision - you jump from the World Trade Center tower. Now that's torture!!!

OK let’s be serious as we were in August ‘o8 –

  • Our healthcare system is the best in the world. We have the best Hospitals and the best Physicians. That which is broken today was once not broken- namely:
  • The immigration system --- have you visited your local emergency room lately? ---better bring a dictionary.
  • The educational system---it has become too burdensome to teach health and psychological well being.
  • Our family structure - 42% of our children have no fathers living at home - try paying insurance premiums under this environment.

So lets all pay attention to the real Healthcare Problem; otherwise kiss the best system goodbye!

Free psychiatric examinations for liberals- first available appointment is after the November election. Thank you

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I gotta go. Go where? To Basic. Basic what? Basic Training. Training for what? The government-sponsored Class Warfare Program.