Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pay Inequality

Companies of all sizes have a finite amount available for salaries, usually a percentage of revenue.  So if you give more to one, you'll have to take some away from another. Make any sense to you?


Little Johnny is planning a Class Action Suit against his Principal, the Superintendent, and the Teacher's Union for fraud and malfeasance. He claims that we are 24th in the world in Math and Science and that the children of Chinese custodial workers are better educationally prepared than the children of American Ceos.  "Go Johnny Go!"

Natural Debt

Guess what?   If you bought every house in the United States, your house, your neighbor's house, every house on the block in your county and in every state in the Union, you would need 24 trillion dollars--just 6.5 trillion dollars more than the natural debt.  Hard to imagine!  "Just Say No'' begins to have a different meaning.