Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Puerto Rico

Listen and Learn:  It was not an earthquake, forest fire, or flash flood that resulted in Puerto Rico seeking bankruptcy protection.  It was poor Democratic leadership period! 


  1. National Review’s David French says that the Fox News’ rightwing echo chamber and personalities desire to become stars within it is what has hurt conservatism. “Conservatives gain fame, power, and influence mainly by talking to each other,” French writes, adding that “they never get a chance to preach to the unconverted.”
    The Federalist’s Ben Domenech thinks French is being simplistic:
    What bears more responsibility for conservative failure: the Iraq war, a botched response to Katrina, an economic meltdown, a bailout for Wall Street, a squandering of Republican majorities in the Congress, the betrayal on countless issues of incredible importance to the base – from immigration to Planned Parenthood – or the fact that Mike Huckabee can halfheartedly run for president for a couple of months and then go back to halfheartedly hosting a TV show? That’s really the big problem with conservatism today?
    “Blaming conservatism’s woes on cable commentators hawking books and talking heads altering their talking points to appeal to their audiences is short-sighted,” Domenech continues. “Conservatism’s problems are much bigger than that.”

  2. Too many words when their's nothing to say!!!