Sunday, April 24, 2011

President Obama tells me that I'm "fortunate" to pay more taxes. I guess I'm "fortunate" to work 70-80 hours a week; I'm "fortunate" to take business and investment gambles; I'm "fortunate" to employ people. Boy, am I glad that I am not one of the unfortunate 48% of Americans that do not pay ANY taxes. President Obama, you must be kidding!


  1. Get your facts straight whiner: it's around 40% that don't pay income tax but most do pay payroll taxes. Maybe if the top 1% in America didn't now own a grotesque percentage of total American wealth and maybe if the top percent didn't make a grotesque percentage of annual income and maybe if hedge fund managers paid the same percentage as average Americans instead of getting a deal that allows them to pay 15% capital gains taxes instead of the higher rate paid by their secretaries, more people would pay taxes. However, your selfish whining is repulsive on many levels.

  2. How did the Secretary get the job? I guess somebody hired him or her!